Employers discriminate against job candidates who smell of alcohol

JOB interviewees who smell of stale alcohol are considerably less likely to be hired, it has emerged.

The Institute for Studies found that employers often make snap decisions about candidates with a whiff of drink about them, even if it is only mild.

Graduate Tom Booker said: “I had 18 unsuccessful interviews for accounting roles, and it was only by asking for feedback that I discovered the problem was the booze smell coming from my pores.

“I wasn’t drunk or anything. Generally I had either drunk fairly heavily the night before or, if the interview was in the afternoon, had two or perhaps three drinks at lunchtime.”

Company director Norman Steele said: “When we invite people for interview, one of the first questions we ask ourselves is ‘do they smell of drink?’.

“I’m afraid it’s a deal-breaker.”

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “When employers detect the ‘drink smell’ on your skin, clothes or breath, it colours their view of you, especially if you have dark eye-bags or look otherwise dishevelled. It’s unfair, but it happens.

“If you are planning to drink before an interview, disguise the smell with mints and arrive early to spray on copious amounts of deodorant in the company’s disabled toilet.”

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Candy Crush bought for $5.9 billion by seven-year-old on iPad

THE maker of Candy Crush Saga has been bought for $5.9 billion by a child whose parents forgot to disable in-app purchases.

Seven-year-old Tom Logan of Hereford bought King Digital Entertainment at the close of a six-hour playing session while his mother worked from home.

Mother Leanne Logan said: “He kept asking me things, like ‘What’s our Apple ID?’ or ‘Where do we keep the house deeds?’ or ‘Mum, what are your estimated future earnings until retirement or April 2035, whichever is sooner?’

“I just rattled off the answers because I was busy, then at 5pm I got a call from the Candy Bank telling me the purchase had been successful and could they talk to Tom about his plans for redundancies.

“Obviously I expect Apple to pay for the whole thing. Nobody could imagine this is my fault.”

Tom said: “Business is just like Candy Crush.

“You find businesses that match, bring them together to create a special stripy superbusiness that destroys the other businesses on the board, and then hit Sugar Crush mode where you’re endlessly rewarded for doing nothing.

“I don’t know why adults act like it’s so hard.”