Interns gaining valuable going-out-to-get-lollies experience

INTERNS across the country are earning crucial on-the-job experience of being sent out to get Soleros. 

Whether working at hot brokerage houses, sweltering internet start-ups or the Houses of Parliament, the young and unpaid are sharpening their key lolly-buying skills.

Nathan Muir said: “My godfather pulled serious strings to get me six months unpaid at the Times, and I’m learning a lot.

“I know every fridge in every mini-mart within a square mile to a depth of 18 inches. I know the melting point of a Cornetto is 285.15 degrees Kelvin.

“On the other hand I’ve not written a word of copy, and I had to take last Friday off because my thumb was showing early signs of frostbite.

“I have a Cambridge first.”

City editor Helen Archer said: “It teaches them speed, accuracy, people skills, and it’s bloody boiling in here. The air doesn’t circulate.

“Oi. Workie. My Calippo melted when I was on a call. Get me another.”