Northern supermarkets to trial pesto

NORTHERN supermarkets are to start selling pesto, it has been revealed.

The basil-based sauce had previously only been available to Northerners via the internet or from relatives in the South.

Tom Booker, manager of Sainsbury’s in Bradford, said: “The last time we put any strange green stuff on the shelves it was Heineken, in 2015.

“But I’m an open-minded man, so I thought ‘why not?’ I might put it next to the sausages though, just to get some foot traffic.”

If the trial is successful it is believed that pesto could be rolled out across the North as soon as 2022.

Northern supermarket shopper Wayne Hayes said: “This is actually nothing new to me, despite tired stereotypes of Northerners as being somehow ‘old-fashioned’ or culturally isolationist I regularly enjoy pesto at home.

“My ferret won’t touch it though.”