Stressed workaholic finds plenty of time to tell you about it

A MAN who is constantly ‘up to his eyes’ in work always has an hour free to complain about just hard he is working, it has emerged.

Tom Logan, 33, whose job is much more important than yours, regularly works 15-hour days, most of which is taken up telling anyone who will listen just how much more work he is doing than everyone else.

Colleague Emma Bradford said: “Tom always makes me feel like I’m not working hard enough. Then I look at my watch and realise that he’s been wanking on about his workload for most of the morning.

“For a workaholic Tom also seems to have a surprising amount of holidays and massage treatments.”

Logan said: “I’d love to chat but I’ve got another 12 to 15 hours to put in tomorrow. It’s absolutely manic at the moment.

“Talk to Emma Bradford, she knocks off at six like a useless part-timer who doesn’t even care about our employer JPC Vacuum-Formed Plastics Ltd.

“The manufacture and distribution of vacuum-formed plastics is just a job to her.”