Zuckerberg surprised Facebook still works

FACEBOOK founder Mark Zuckerberg has expressed shock that his school project is still working.

Zuckerberg, who has been dogged by claims the company sold every scrap of personal information from its tiresomely effusive users, said it was just as well the data was in third-party hands because his website will probably break soon.

He added: “When I built this thing I was even younger than I am now, if you can imagine that. I was little more than a sperm in Converse.

“Fuelled by fizzy drinks, peanut M&Ms and ‘power masturbation’ I accidentally built Facebook for no reason. Now it is home to every human with fingers and an ego.

“Fuck knows how it hasn’t packed in.”

Addressing the controversy around user privacy, he said: “Togetherness, connecting people, principles, inspiring.

“Will that do?”