John Lydon A Fat, Greedy Old C*nt, Says Johnny Rotten

FORMER Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten has launched a scathing attack on Discovery Channel presenter John Lydon describing, him as "a washed-out, cynical old bastard who was only ever interested in the money".

John Lydon: a stalwart of the infotainment industry

Rotten is urging middle-aged men across the UK to boycott the band's anniversary reunion, 30 years after his dirty mouth almost brought down the Callaghan government.

The punk icon said: "Appearing on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here was exactly the sort of thing one would expect from such a self-regarding charlatan.

"But to then try and milk the Sex Pistols' anniversary for all its worth – it makes me want to spit all over a group of Chelsea Pensioners and denigrate the pathetic, pointless sacrifices they made for this post-imperial shithole of a country."

Rotten added: "Fuck. Toss. Piss. Wank. Kill Prince Charles. Can I have my money now?"

Lydon, star of Discovery Channel's Megabugs, dismissed the attacks, saying: "When I'm up on stage with Paul Cook, Glen Matlock and Steve Jones and the crowd is baying for more I think to myself, 'soon my Le Creuset collection will be complete'."

He added: "I should really invite Prince Charles, Billy Connolly and their delightful partners over for a Mediterranean supper. Lovely."