Mums to continue pointing out how much people on TV have aged

MOTHERS have confirmed plans to keep highlighting how various television celebrities look much older these days.

Mums confirmed that nothing gives them greater pleasure than identifying signs of the ageing process in celebrities as diverse as Michael Palin, Judi Dench and Bruce Willis.

Mother-of-two Mary Fisher said: “Matt LeBlanc never used to look like that 20 years ago. He looked so much better when he was younger.

“Nowadays he looks like the postman.”

Fisher also believes Ray Liotta looks a lot worse now that he did in Goodfellas, which was filmed 26 years ago.

However she reserved particular scorn for Anthea Turner, appearing to take pleasure in the presenter’s physical deterioration. She said: “You can tell she’s had work done but she’s not fooling anyone, talk about mutton dressed up as lamb.

“She thinks she’s all that but she could be stirring a cauldron in Macbeth.”