Piers Morgan ‘to go undercover at Hogwarts’

PIERS Morgan plans to use his ‘skills as a journalist’ to discover the truth about a controversial school he claims was founded by JK Rowling.

The television personality believes Rowling is ‘using her position of trust to brainwash the pupils against Lord Voldemort, who could do amazing things if hysterical liberals would just shut up’.

Morgan told a ‘friend’: “Rowling reckons I’m some sort of idiot, but I’ve seen the documentaries and I know what’s going on at this institution, which, by the way, makes Rowling millions in fees every year.

“My only worry is that my very close friends Robbie Coltrane and Michael Gambon have been duped into working there, taken in by Rowling’s vast propaganda machine.

“I’ll have to make sure they don’t recognise me and say, ‘Hey, Piers, my best mate, how are you doing, best mate?’.”

Morgan is currently at King’s Cross station running repeatedly into a brick wall between platforms nine and 10.