Adults who read books for kids excited again

ADULTS who only read books for children are thrilled at the announcement of a new trilogy by His Dark Materials author Philip Pullman. 

The Book Of Dust trilogy will once again follow a special magical child in a fantasy world of talking animals and be unashamedly read on trains by 45-year-olds. 

Susan Traherne of Nottingham said: “Well thank God he’s given up on his misguided idea of writing adult books and given his middle-aged fans what they want. 

“It’s been a lean few years, I have to admit. I was forced to read the Harry Potter play script because all the books aimed at children were too childish. 

“The Dark Materials trilogy is based on Paradise Lost, you know, so it’s very sophisticated. No, I wouldn’t read Paradise Lost myself. That’s for grown-ups.” 

Traherne added: “My friend kept recommending The Hunger Games books but, you know, they’re Young Adult. I don’t think I’m ready for those yet. Maybe when I’m 50.”