Sunday, 16th May 2021

Prince Philip 'has no idea Meghan is mixed-race'

PRINCE Philip is making the royal family incredibly tense due to still not realising his granddaughter-in-law is a person of colour.

The Duke of Edinburgh is keeping his family and palace employees on tenterhooks over when he will next make one of his ‘interesting’ observations about race.

A footman said: “We’re not sure how Philip bypassed this well-known fact about Meghan’s background, but then he does only read Shooting Times and watch TV programmes about destroyers.

“Luckily Meghan is American and earnest, so if Philip mentions ‘spear chuckers’ she assumes he’s just referring to a trip where he saw modern African people celebrating their ancient history.”

Prince Harry said: “Given grand-pater’s frequently off-colour comments about people from other cultures I thought it best to gloss over the whole thing.

“He currently thinks Meghan is a long-lost relative of Count Von Rundstedt the Ninth of Imperial Prussia whose family moved to America to escape vampires.”