Thursday, 29th October 2020

Woman unable to go running because her headphones are broken

A WOMAN was forced to abandon her plans to go for a run after discovering her headphones were broken.

Emma Bradford, who has also been unable to jog this week due to the possibility of a headache, her favourite sports bra being dirty and because it might rain, is devastated about the incident.

She said: “I’m gutted. I was so looking forward to that run and now I have to stay in drinking wine and eating Pringles.

“The fact is you can’t run without listening to something. Otherwise all you hear is your brain screaming ‘I hate running, this is shit, I hate running and running hates me’ over and over. Apart from that I love running, obviously.

“I’ve ordered some new headphones so tomorrow I shall definitely go for a run. I really hope they arrive on time and the Amazon van doesn’t explode or anything.

“That said, I do feel like I’m getting bit of a cold so I shouldn’t overdo it. Also, my fridge really needs cleaning out and I urgently need to alphabetise my sock drawer.”

Bradford is currently really looking forward to her run but also doing a Google search for ‘is running in cold weather dangerous +injuries +fatal’.