Thousands of Boris supporters don’t know his surname

ONLY 13 percent of people who support Boris Johnson are aware that his surname is Johnson.

According to a survey, most of those polled assumed that he did not have a surname at all.

Boris fan Nikki Hollis, said: “That’s what always appealed to me about Boris. He’s not like Cameron and Osborne with their vast, inherited surnames. Boris has made it on his own without a surname.”

She added: “It’s like that Blue Peter dog, Shep. He made it on his own too. Plus he was all shaggy and friendly and, like Boris, not too grand to run after a stick.”

Boris fan Tom Booker said: “We all know the BBC is the Boris Bashing Corporation – if his name was ‘Johnson’, then it’d be the BJBC, so you’re obviously telling lies.”

However, Boris voter Norman Steele admitted: “It’s like finding out Prince is called Prince Smedley or Sade is actually Sade Turnbull. I feel slightly betrayed.”