Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Couple offer to reduce environmental impact by giving back third child

A COUPLE concerned about their carbon footprint have confirmed they are more than happy to give up their third child. 

Helen Archer and Joseph Turner have already become vegetarian and given up flying but believe the most ethical sacrifice they can make is to upcycle youngest son James to a family in need.

Archer said: “We’re all going to have to give things up in this time of climate crisis. James understands it’s the right thing to do.

“Joe and I had three children before we knew what damage we were doing to our fragile world. By downsizing James, we’ll be reducing our carbon by 60 tonnes a year and can convert his room into a home office.

“We’ll be a streamlined family ready to face the 21st century with pride, and I’m sure he’ll be happier. It’s a selfless act that will benefit everyone, especially us.”

She added: “If not him then the middle one.”