Thursday, 13th May 2021

Mum just so f**king excited about daffodils

A MOTHER is absolutely losing her sh*t at seeing daffodils blooming again, her family have confirmed. 

Emma Bradford, a 49-year-old mother of three, is just about out of her f**king mind that the spring perennials are back on the scene and has already bought enough for every room in the house.

Son Barney said: “She’s been buzzing with anticipation since the beginning of February, then she finally saw ‘that welcoming splash of yellow’ in Sainsbury’s and basically went apesh*t.

“We’ve all been bombarded with pictures on the family WhatsApp; mum with daffodils, the daffodils in jars, the daffodils in the garden three doors down that ‘haven’t come out yet but any day now’.

“If I’ve been sent one picture captioned ‘Spring has Sprung!!’ I’ve had 20. And now she’s bought us each a bunch ‘to brighten things up!’

“Sometimes I think she only likes them because they’re cheap. We don’t get any of this when irises are blooming.

“Anyway, I’ve muted the conversation.”