Sexy young female crab enjoys heatwave beach frolics

A CURVACEOUS lady crab has been photographed soaking up the sun on Brighton beach.

As Britain basks in glorious sunshine, 18-year-old crab Mary Fisher has been frolicking in rock pools with her equally attractive crab friends.

Fisher, who displays an impressive pair of claws, said: “I love the feeling of the hot sun on my armoured exoskeleton.

“It makes me very frisky.”

Fisher plans to spend the weekend eating algae or plankton, and perhaps burrowing into the cooling sand if the temperature gets too oppressive.

She added: “I would love an ice cream but that will only happen if somebody drops one, because being a crab I don’t have any money to buy anything.”

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Cat and dog get along because they are not allowed to eat each other

A DOG and cat who live together are friends because they are banned from eating each other.

Retriever-type dog Tom Booker and cat Mary Fisher peacefully co-exist because they do not want to get kicked out for submitting to their natural prey instincts.

Booker said: “The first time I saw Mary I though she would make a tolerable mid-morning snack if you could be bothered with the fur, then I realised she had full pet status, which means she is not protein.

“Now we sit on a mat together. It’s fine. One day though I still hope to eat her.

“It’s nothing personal though and she understands that.”

Fisher said: “Although Tom is five times my size, I would eat him if possible. He is, after all, made of meat.

“That’s not allowed though so we just hang out. I’ve been trying to teach him to climb trees but that’s not really going anywhere.”