Woman refuses to accept that her cat is normal

A CAT owner is convinced that her pet is unique.

38-year-old Emma Bradford clings to the misguided belief that her pet has a personality that is not entirely typical of a cat.

She said: “Muffin will just go to sleep anywhere – in a box, on a car bonnet, even on a kitchen worktop. He is such a crazy character.

“When he wants food he’ll come and say to me ‘please mummy can I have some food’, just like a person. Obviously he says that in a series of meows but clearly that is what he’s saying.

“He likes to watch the TV quiz programme Pointless, or at least he doesn’t leave the room when it is on. That’s because he is an animal genius.”

Animal psychologist Norman Steele said: “There’s only one unusual creature in that household, and it’s the one wearing a Monsoon dress.”

Bradford added: “It’s amazing sharing my life with such a unique and unusually intelligent animal as Muffin, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

“Someone should make a documentary or feature film about it, perhaps like Garfield crossed with Born Free. I would be played by Charlize Theron.”