Friday, 4th December 2020

Guardian reader asks for Greggs steak bake to be done medium rare

A GUARDIAN reader has offended a Northern town after visiting a branch of Greggs and asking for a steak bake to be cooked medium rare. 

Tom Logan was visiting Gateshead on a business trip and decided to try the famous pastry product, believing it must be an exquisite local delicacy.  

Logan said: “I asked for it medium rare – the only way to eat steak – and the chap serving me just stared at me blankly. Then he began to get angry. 

“He shouted something completely unintelligible at me. I thought he was speaking in tongues, although I’ve since been informed he just had a Geordie accent. 

“The white-hot bake he finally shoved across the counter was not the fine dining experience I’d been led to believe. I don’t think I’ll be going back. They didn’t even offer quinoa salad as a side and I didn’t dare ask for a fruit tea.”  

Greggs staff member Joe Turner said: “Steak bakes are only ever served one way, and that’s so hot it causes first degree burns to your tongue and a permanent loss of taste.

“I’d suggest Mr Logan goes to Pret A Manger for his lunch next time. They do poncey stuff like things not inside pastry.”