Sunday, 25th October 2020

Heroic man cycles to work even when it's raining

A TOTAL hero still cycles to work even when it is cold and raining, he has confirmed. 

36-year-old Tom Booker was seen on his usual three-mile cycle to his office despite the inclement weather, prompting passers-by to bow their heads in awed admiration.

He said: “This week’s seen off the last of the fair-weather cyclists. Terrified by a couple of centimetres! Not me. I’ve got a monthly mile record to beat and £600 worth of wet weather gear.

“Yeah, I do get puddle water in my mouth sometimes, but it’s worth it. Quick hot invigorating shower at the office and you’re fresh and ready for the day. Though somehow I always manage to leave a manly mud splatter on my cheek to remind everyone.

“Can I just confirm I’ll carry on cycling through January and February too? Can I make sure everyone knows that? Great.”

Colleague Helen Archer said: “Saw Tom the other morning. He was taking a selfie of himself cycling in the rain and almost got hit by a Hermes van.”