Man with cold enjoys original and amusing comments about ‘man flu’

A MALE office worker with a cold is excitedly awaiting clever and funny remarks about how he actually has ‘man flu’, it has emerged.

34-year-old corporate accountant Julian Cook came to work despite having a sore throat and blocked nose because of fears over his job security.

Cook’s team leader Mary Fisher said to him: “From the sniffling it sounds like you’ve got a touch of the old ‘man flu’.

“Do you know what ‘man flu’ is? It’s a joke term for when men get ill and they feel sorry for themselves like pathetic little children.”

Cook nodded to confirm that he was indeed familiar with the term, having heard it numerous times.

Fisher added: “I think you need to ‘man up’ with your ‘man flu’! Ha ha ha.”

Determined to mind his own business for the remainder of the day, Cook kept his head down and worked quietly until a colleague spotted the Lemsip on his desk.

Assistant manager Nikki Hollis said: “Uh oh – ‘man flu’ alert! Are we feeling a bit sorry for ourselves?

“My boyfriend had ‘man flu’ last week. He even went to the hospital, where they said it was bronchial pneumonia and did an emergency operation to remove one of his lungs. Of course he was just making a fuss.”