Woman surprised to still be overweight despite having running app

DOWNLOADING an exercise app is not the same as actually doing exercise, it has been confirmed.

Emma Bradford, a digital marketing assistant from Solihull, downloaded an app called EZ Couch to 5K a few days after Christmas but has neither lost weight nor become fitter.

Bradford, 28, commented: “It said that EZ Couch to 5K would provide me with a motivating coach, show me how many calories I’ve burned and allow me to share my amazing progress on Facebook.

“I’ve opened the app a few times and entered my name and stuff, but if anything I’ve gained weight.”

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “Most people are made up of an unfortunate combination of vanity and stupidity.

“This means they are easily seduced into buying things that they think will magically make them slim with only the minimal effort of playing with their smartphone for a bit.

 “However, the unfortunate truth is that the only way to lose weight is to get off your fat arse and run around a lot in the punishing cold.”