But this is a MacBook, says air passenger

A PASSENGER on a Jeddah-London flight has explained that while laptops may be banned he has a MacBook, which is different. 

Joseph Turner has told airline staff that he fully understands why they are taking laptops away from businessmen but that his MacBook Pro is a creative tool, so the rules do not apply. 

He continued: “It’s not a laptop. I actually loudly correct anyone who calls it a laptop. I did it in the airport coffee place just before. 

“This is the precision-milled instrument with which I create worlds, bring characters to life, and punch up advertising copy for blue-chip brands. It could never harm. 

“The battery of a MacBook cannot be removed except by a certified Genius at the Genius Bar. It’s far beyond ISIS’s capabilities.” 

Following the conversation Turner has been shown into a room to await further questioning, which he believes will lead to an upgrade to first class.