Greece to set up some sort of tax system

GREECE is to establish a system that collects money from its citizens.

It is the first time the country has attempted to gather money from people and the Greek government has asked for advice on how it is done.

Finance minister Yanis Varoufakis said: “So what’s a normal rate of tax? We’re thinking somewhere between two percent and 98 percent. If anyone has any suggestions that would be grand.

“Do we get people to leave the money outside the parliament, or do we just place a bucket at the end of each street? And does the money have to be real or can people just phone in with a pledge, like a charity telethon? Do we accept goats?

“And if someone refuses to pay the tax, should that be a crime, or is it all just a matter of opinion? It’s fascinating stuff, it really is.”

Greece has offered to establish taxation so it can borrow more money from countries that have had taxes for a while.

German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble told Varoufakis that he would ‘show him how to start a fucking tax system’ before he was dragged away by his civil servants.