Thatcher and Reagan was beautiful romance that made us fear for our lives, explain 40-somethings

MIDDLE-AGED Britons have explained to young people that Reagan and Thatcher shared a beautiful eight-year romance that almost triggered armageddon.

Across the UK, young people are learning about the Cowboy and the Iron Lady whose passion was so great they wanted it to burn the whole world.

Tom Booker, from Croydon, said: “You see, only one thing threatened their perfect affair in a free-market paradise: communists, meaning ‘anyone who disagreed with them’.

“So they decided that, rather than their love be ruined by their enemies, they would cleanse the earth with nuclear fire and be king and queen in the glowing ashes.

“Sadly the cowboy was very forgetful and the iron lady went mad, and our lives had to continue. But now, with Trump and May, that love has a second chance.”