Monday, 6th July 2020

Birthday GIF takes care of friendship for another year

A HASTILY chosen ‘happy birthday’ GIF has taken care of two women’s friendship for another year. 

As Donna Sheridan turned 30 this week, friend Nikki Hollis sent her a short video which is slightly better than a cartoon picture of a birthday cake.   

Hollis said: “We’ve known each other since school and she’s one of my closest friends, so it’s important to really put the effort in. 

“I wouldn’t insult her with some basic GIF. I spent more than a minute scrolling before settling on the Beyonce birthday hip shake. It’s really entertaining for about three seconds.”

Sheridan claimed to be delighted to receive the missive and responded with the traditional ‘Thaaaaaaaanks’ followed by a heart emoji to show her gratitude.

She said: “There’s nothing like a short clip shared by millions of other people that took less than 90 seconds to send to celebrate the spirit of friendship.”

However mutual friend Eleanor Shaw is now in the doghouse after only sending an attachment-free WhatsApp message, with no emojis and only one exclamation mark.