Couple buying everything from ‘independent retailers’ this Christmas told to f*ck off

A COUPLE who are doing their Christmas shopping at independent retailers instead of buying the same stuff cheaper online have been told to f*ck off.

The Logans have explained that they will be purchasing everything from their local butcher and those gift shops that never take card payments.

Gemma Logan said: “And we plan to buy all our groceries from local farm shops. Apart from that nice champagne you can only get in Waitrose and that delicious M&S smoked salmon mousse.

“And it just wouldn’t be Christmas without a few essentials from Harvey Nicks, but apart from that I fully intend to support local businesses.

“I read that every time you buy from an independent retailer an actual person does a happy dance. Bless them.”

Mum of three, Nikki Hollis, said: “I’d be doing a happy dance if I just sold a f*cking candle for 200 quid.