Everyone in yoga class pretending to ignore all the flatulence

ALL the participants in a yoga class are casually pretending that everyone is not constantly breaking wind, it has emerged.

Everyone at Hot Funk Yoga in Stevenage confirmed the class had been ‘useful’ and ‘fun’ but admitted the stream of audible flatulence was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.

Newcomer, Wayne Hayes said: “If this was the pub and everyone was farting this much it would be grotesque but amusing.

“But it’s a yoga studio so we’ve all got to pretend it’s just a natural, beautiful thing that happens to the body when you bend it.”

Yoga teacher, Nikki Hollis, added: “Whether it’s Child’s Pose or the Happy Baby, a significant quantity of serene flatulence will occur.

“Meanwhile, the Downward Dog produces the sort of wind that could power 20-30 homes for a week.

“It’s just so beautiful.”