Middle class family go back to nature by 'camping' in ensuite yurt

A MIDDLE class family from London has unveiled plans to go back to basics by ‘camping’ in a yurt that has a proper toilet, a power shower and a free-standing bath.

The Bowen-Jones family, from Highgate, booked the trip in place of their usual two weeks in Provence because they thought it would be fun to experience the ‘simple things in life’.

Sonia Bowen-Jones said: “It wont exactly be a holiday, but it’ll certainly be an adventure.

“Apart from a few necessities like an Aga, a slipper bath and a little Polish lady from housekeeping who pops in to clean every morning, we’ll be slumming it.

“The nearest Waitrose is a 45 minute drive away and there’s only a 30 inch flat screen TV. but we’ll just have to make do.  It’ll be like staying in one of those refugee camps in Syria that doesn’t have a Starbucks.”

Friend of the family, Eleanor Bishop, said: “They are so tough and brave. Imagine a whole week with no playroom for the children.”

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Is it too late for you to become a stunt man? Take our test to find out...

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