Man will approve haircut unless an ear has been cut off

A MAN receiving a haircut has confirmed he will nod appreciatively when the barber asks unless he has lost his entire ear.

Tom Logan is ready to feign delight at whatever haircut he receives, no matter how far from his original brief, unless it crosses the line of permanent disfigurement.

He added: “My main priority is to get out of this chair as quickly as possible. I’ll see what the haircut’s like when I get home.

“I don’t know what the back of my head looks like and I don’t care. Unless he’s shaved ‘TWAT’ into it, and even then I’d just suggest it needed ‘tidying up.’

“If he’s gone Reservoir Dogs and taken off the ear I wouldn’t be happy, but if he gave it me in a jar and knocked a few quid off I’d probably leave without complaint.”

Barber Wayne Hayes said: “I must be brilliant at cutting hair.’”