Friday, 22nd January 2021

Middle class woman refusing to give Ocado driver five stars because he said 'ain't'

A WOMAN is unable to give the driver who delivered her weekly shopping a five-star rating because his grammar let him down.

Helen Archer is diligent about providing feedback regarding the service she receives from Ocado, which she has always found to be ‘delightful considering the lives these people must lead’.

Archer said: “When I expressed my dismay at being allocated spelt and rye bread instead of spelt and sunflower, the driver said it ‘ain’t a problem’ for him to take back substitutions.

“Everything else was fine, but I don’t think it’s helpful to Ocado if I let this sort of thing slide. Not to mention that my children heard everything.

“I’m happy for them to be exposed to different dialects within reason, but a blatant grammatical contraction being spoken without shame on my own doorstep is too much. So, no, Keith will not be getting five-star feedback.

“The worst bit was that when I pointed out he had said a word that doesn’t actually exist he just smiled, thanked me and walked back to his van. I suppose some people just don’t want to succeed in life.”