Tuesday, 7th July 2020

Mother realises same dirty old soft toy has been coming home from school for 13 years

A MOTHER-OF-THREE has realised that a stuffed toy fox sent home by school has been visiting her house since 2006. 

Donna Sheridan first encountered Fitzy, who is washed once a year, when her four-year-old son brought him home from school and the family was forced to spend the weekend photographing him in different fun locations.

On seeing her seven-year-old daughter waving the fox excitedly as she returned from school, Sheridan calculated that she had been spending a week a year with the toy since the Blair years, more time than she spends with her own brother.

She said: “Fitzy. Back again. My old nemesis.

“I didn’t realise, back then when even the Arctic Monkeys were new and fresh, that I’d still be welcoming this threadbare bastard into my home on the verge of 2020, but here he is again.

“He’s meant to encourage children to play outside and be physically fit. We get him in November, December, January and February. Yes, we had him for Christmas one year. Still got the photos.”

She added: “Though with the attached book full of other children’s reports and photos, you do get to snoop at their houses. Urgh. Nasty carpets. No wonder the girl’s got such bad handwriting.”