Man still longing to drive car he drew when he was eight

A MAN has admitted he secretly wishes he could drive the outlandish car he drew when he was eight.

Sales manager Roy Hobbs said he would love to own the child’s idea of the ideal car, which features several gun turrets and ‘rocket boosters’.

Hobbs said: “It may not be an obvious status symbol like a top-of-the-range BMW but it does have a massive gatling gun on top, which would make it easy to find in a car park.

“BMWs, and in fact most cars designed by adults, also don’t have armour plating and a large recreation area in the back containing a TV, Atari games console and loads of Monster Munch.

“And ammo, obviously.”

Hobbs confirmed the car would change colour according to his whim, and that it contained extending skis should he ever be chased through a snowy landscape by ‘enemies’.

He added: “I’m not saying I don’t like my Vauxhall Vectra but it doesn’t have a hatch that fires mines out of the back, which would be handy if someone’s right up your arse.”