Woman thinks she has automatic right to see anyone’s new kitchen

A WOMAN believes she has the God-given right to see any new kitchen that has been installed even if she barely knows the householders in question.

Carolyn Ryan, from Nottingham, has demanded access to the newly-fitted kitchens of neighbours, relatives of friends and is currently negotiating a visit to the home of a workmate she had previously spoken to twice.

She said: “Well I’m thinking about a new kitchen – we’ve had this one 18 months – so I need to look for ideas.

“It’s not like they mind. Why would they mind? What’s the point in having a new kitchen fitted if you don’t let people see it?

“Angie at my old work, who was eating her dinner when I popped in, she’s had walnut units and an induction hob. Whereas Cath, from school – but we’re Facebook friends –  has gloss white units and an island she hasn’t really got the room for.

“My cousin Kerry in Southampton’s having one fitted now with one of those boiling water taps. I haven’t seen her since we were 13 but it’s time we made the effort.”

Nathan Muir, from nearby Plumtree, said: “Er, darling, there’s a woman in our kitchen. Apparently you were chatting in the queue at Tesco and she followed you home.”