Sunday, 1st November 2020

Couple who have massive screaming rows believe it's healthy

A COUPLE who regularly have loud, angry arguments and scream ‘I hate you’ believe it is a sign of a healthy relationship. 

Lauren Hewitt and Jordan Gardner pity couples who do not slam doors, threaten to burn each other’s clothes and shout ‘F**k you bitch’ outside pubs, because their love is clearly not strong enough.

Lauren said: “Our friends Jim and Georgia barely ever have rows. She saw me yelling ‘I hope you f**king die, you dickless freak’ at Jordan and was all like ‘Oh my God, are you splitting up?’.

“Imagine having a partnership that weak. She says Jim never throws her handbag out into the street at 2am while screaming ‘Whore’, not even after a drink. That’s a love that’s afraid to be tested.

“It’s because me and Jord are capable of having a row so vicious that the neighbours call the police that I know we’ll always be together.”