Sunday, 9th August 2020

Fathers looking forward to mothers finally getting off their arses this Sunday

THE nation’s fathers are looking forward to mothers stepping up and doing something for a change this Father’s Day.

After a year of relentless caring and working, as well as the constant pressure to be a man who ‘has it all’, fathers are eagerly anticipating letting their partners take over for a day.

Martin Bishop said: “I don’t like to moan about my wife and how little she does to help unless I explicitly ask her to, but she really does take the piss sometimes.

“By the time she’s put the kids to bed, made supper for us both and sat down to finish off some work on her laptop, I’m so tired I can’t even find the energy to stop myself farting when she’s in the room. I need this day to reset.

“I’m expecting to be waited on hand and foot, even though I know she’ll make snide comments about it being ‘exactly the same as the other 364 days of the year’.

“I really deserve one Sunday where I can be even more of a lazy f**ker than usual.”