Facebook reminds man that four years ago he used to use Facebook

FACEBOOK’S ‘On this day… four years ago’ feature has reminded a Facebook user that four years ago he used to actually post stuff. 

Tom Booker was surprised to find that, as recently as June 2013, he used to take photos and post them to the site where they would be commented on by friends who also, back then, used Facebook.

He said: “Wow. I would’ve thought it was a lot longer.

“But yeah, here’s a picture of my youngest on a tractor, and here’s everyone Liking it just as if it was some sort of community.

“I still go on Facebook occasionally – I’m not sure why, but it’s something to click – but I’d never actually post anything. That would be just weird.

“Here’s one from seven years ago and it’s an actual status update, like making jokes, and look, underneath it I’m having a proper conversation. Amazing how time flies.”

A Facebook spokesman said: “It’s a shame that Mr Booker no longer actively contributes, but we still receive real-time updates of every move he makes, on and off the internet, and sell that data on. Which is the main thing.”