Mum considering ripping ears off to avoid hearing more about f**king Minecraft

A MUM whose son won’t shut the fuck up about Minecraft is considering ripping her own ears off to make it stop.

Donna Sheridan of Bristol has been forced to listen to her five-year-old Josh talk incessantly about mods, redwood and other bollocks since he got the game six months ago.

She said: “This is worse than when he told me what his favourite dinosaur was about 3,000 times. It was a velociraptor, in case you give a shit.

“But now he’s got into Minecraft and won’t shut up about exploring and crafting and many, many other things I do not care about. It all just looks like piles of cardboard boxes to me.

“I’m not sure how much more I can take before I do something mental to make the Minecraft stop. Maybe I can just get some industrial ear muffs and wear those around the house all day.

“I love Josh, I really do. But sometimes even a mother’s deep love can be tested by hearing about how he’s made a sword out of cubes.”