Skype users switch to phone calls where they suddenly hang up every few minutes

FRUSTRATED Skype fans have been making deliberately fragmented calls on normal phones.

The stop-start internet communication tool broke for several hours yesterday, leaving users without a way to talk for a few minutes before being cut off at the vital moment.

Sales manager and Skype regular Tom Logan said: “I had to use a normal phone to call my relatives in France, but we agreed that every few minutes one of us would abruptly hang up to make it more Skype-esque.

“Also we did this thing of going ‘I can’t hear you…I can’t hear you…can you hear me?…shit…’, even though it was working fine because we’re using actual phones.”

Logan added: “Ordinary phone calls aren’t as good as Skype calls because you don’t get the sense of jeopardy that comes from using a thing that teeters precariously between life and death.

“I like it when I deliver a long speech on Skype about something complicated, only to discover it was to dead air. Then I try to ring the other person back but it doesn’t work.”

Nurse Emma Bradford regularly uses Skype to call her boyfriend in Scotland: “Yesterday I had to call him on his landline, but we did a pretend version of the Skype thing where it drops out just as the conversation is effectively over.

“He pulled his phone cable out just as I was about to go, so I had to fiddle about for ages trying to call him back just to say goodbye. It was great, it really killed the momentum and made everything awkward.”