'£4.80 windfall ruined my life'

MINIMUM wage worker Tom Logan believes the extra £4.80 he earned yesterday nearly ended up destroying him.

The 12p increase in the hourly minimum wage left full-time order picker Logan excited at the prospect of spending his new-found wealth.

He said: “It’s a surreal feeling, knowing you’ve got almost a fiver burning a hole in your pocket.

“Will it affect your relationships with family and friends? Are ‘hangers on’ going to come out of the woodwork? With power comes responsibility.

“My first thought was to get the wife a second-hand DVD of Calendar Girls from Amazon.”

But Logan fell into a brief spiral of drug use after clubbing together with ten co-workers to buy a gramme of cocaine.

“We had a line each and the high was just incredible. But we came down to earth with a bang, and the shame of having spent nearly a fiver each on drugs.

“It was a dream come true that turned into a nightmare. The government can have its money back.”

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Vince Cable really into The Wanted

VINCE Cable criticised One Direction because he loves The Wanted, it has emerged.

The business secretary questioned whether One Direction should earn £5 million per year each , adding that they aren’t even the best boy band by a million miles.

He said: “If you look at 1D’s album Take Me Home, it’s generic bubblegum pop with uninspired production.

“By contrast The Wanted’s Battleground is a much edgier affair. It even takes in dubstep influences, totally defying convention.

“Plus The Wanted are much tighter live and Max has this amazing charisma, it’s like he’s singing right into your soul.”

Cable initially denied having any personal bias against 1D, who have an ongoing Twitter spat with The Wanted.

But a Liberal Democrat source revealed that Cable has met with the less popular boy band: “He told them it was about a youth mentoring scheme, then arrived with posters for them to sign and a page of lyrics for a song he’d written called ‘Tropical Girl’.

“He said if they didn’t do it in their next album they may have to go to prison. Also he had a list of questions for Max, including ‘What is your favourite breakfast?'”