Monday, 8th March 2021

Builder claims catcalling women on street is his 'private life'

A BUILDER has followed Boris Johnson’s example by defending sexually harassing women in public as part of his private life.

49-year-old Wayne Hayes claims standing on scaffolding shouting ‘Oi, big tits’ at passers-by is none of the public’s business, providing he does it during his breaks or lunch hour.

He continued: “Bozza squeezed that bird’s thigh at dinner. I shout ‘Come on, love, give us a smile’ and then when they look up ask if they want to suck my dirty cock. We’re both red-blooded males doing nothing wrong.

“Like that other politician said, how do you know your advances aren’t welcome until you’ve made them? Just because 20 years of yelling abuse hasn’t got me a single shag doesn’t mean it won’t work one day.

“And just because I choose to use my position in public to do so, it doesn’t mean other people can make negative judgements about me. My private life is private, even if I like to conduct it while standing above a busy street with the crack of my arse showing.

“Boris and I are very alike. I too would have banged that Yank lass even if she is a bit ropey. He’s a man of the people.”

Fellow builder Tom Logan said: “If I could push Wayne off this roof without getting caught, believe me I would.”