Charity Believes Everything Teenagers Say

A CHARITY set up to protect teenagers from bullying cannot tell when it is being lied to, it emerged last night.

Two teenagers text Childline to say they have been traumatised by the phrase 'chocolate starfish'

Beatbullying said that more than a third of teenagers had been sent a sexually explicit text message which they found distressing, even though they obviously didn't.

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: "There are still too many vulnerable anti-bullying charities falling victim to teenage liars.

"Teenagers get the hang of new technology very quickly and are soon able to use it to lie to charities, generate excited press coverage and generally get everyone to waste their time."

Prof Brubaker said the most common way of lying to a charity is via an anonymous online survey, though there are still hundreds of old-fashioned teenagers who prefer to tell charities the most outrageous lies to their face.

He added: "Teenagers are like Nick Cotton from Eastenders. They betray you and then come back a few months later and convince you they've changed. It's easy to forgive them because they're such good liars, but eventually they will try to kill you with poisoned yoghurt."

Keira Thompson, 15, from Hatfield, said: "My friend's boyfriend's brother sent me a text last week about putting his big fat cock into my poo-nanny.

"The charity people asked me if I found it upsetting and because I had not been the centre of attention for about 20 minutes, I decided to say yes. I even managed to cry."

She added: "But the fact is, whenever I get a text about someone's big fat cock I immediately show it to all my friends and we have right good laugh. Cock is such a funny word."