Couple decide to stop being friends with people who rent


A COUPLE feel it is time to ‘move on’ from friendships with people who are not homeowners, they have revealed.

After buying a three-bedroom house, Martin Bishop and partner Emma Bradford have agreed that friends who still rent are sad, pathetic figures best consigned to the past.

Bradford said: “We had some great times with renting friends like Ellie, Carl and Tom, but we’ve got a new life now with our own boiler and a garage and they’re not part of that.

“When they talk about their rent going up or their landlord installing new blinds it just doesn’t mean anything to us. I suppose in a way I’m afraid they’re going to drag us down to their level.

“If they’re happy with their sad, limited little world of shared bathrooms and cheap Ikea-style furniture, fine, but there’s a better way to live, with gardening and constant DIY.”

Bishop agreed: “I feel sorry for my renter friends, but if we’ve got other homeowners over for drinks I don’t want them turning up and embarrassing me by not being on the property ladder.

“They all seem so immature to me now I’ve got serious responsibilities like whether to paint the back bedroom Willow Green or Mellow Mocha.”