Couple in desperate race to buy second-cheapest thing on wedding list

A COUPLE are racing against time to buy the second least expensive item on their friends’ wedding list.

Dozens of fellow guests are competing against Emma Bradford and Tom Booker to buy the second-cheapest item on the online list, an £8.99 ‘vintage style toast rack’.

The cheapest item is a £5.50 candleholder but that could be deemed taking the piss.

Wedding guests began scouring the list as soon as they received the email, with the goal of making it look like they purchased the almost-cheapest thing by chance.

Bradford said: “I’m on my phone and my partner is on his tablet and we still can’t find something that’s cheap but not the cheapest. WHY CAN’T YOU FILTER BY PRICE?”

Booker added: “There’s a fridge on there. What kind of twat expects someone to buy them a fridge?”

Groom Roy Hobbs said: “The important thing is that all our friends come and celebrate with us, nobody has to buy us anything.

“This detailed list of 208 items to suit every pocket is just to provide ‘gift inspiration’.”