Facebook quitters rediscover traditional showing-off

THOUSANDS are leaving Facebook because they want to get back into face-to-face bragging, it has emerged.

Ex-Facebook user Tom Booker said: “Pre-Facebook I would get together with friends in a cosy bar and subtly navigate the conversation towards how awesome I was.

“Somehow that’s much more fulfilling than digitally sharing a photo of me on a beach with a flamboyant drink, grinning and pointing at myself.

“When you’re in a room with people talking about your massive income, actually seeing their faces twitch with barely-concealed envy, that’s when you know you’re something really special.

“Online narcissism is just too impersonal.”

28-year-old Facebook quitter Emma Bradford said: “Last night I actually went to my local pub and boasted at everyone.

“They said some stuff back but I didn’t really listen. Who cares about them? It was brilliant, just like the internet except I got to physically dominate the room.

“Also, having just left Facebook I had one extra thing to show off about.”