Tuesday, 7th July 2020

Kids learning an average of six new swear words a day at home school

CHILDREN are learning at least half a dozen offensive words per day during the lockdown.

Phrases like ‘What’s a fronted f**king adverbial?’,  ‘Be careful, we can’t bloody well go to A&E right now’ and ‘Wash your bastard hands’ are all new additions to youngsters’ vocabularies.

Mother-of-three Emma Bradshaw said: “I have absolutely no idea how teachers get through the day without using any swear words. Some days I find myself dropping an F-bomb before we’ve even started any learning.

“I have had to tell my kids that the only time it is acceptable to swear is during a global pandemic and once this is over they’ll have to magically forget all the bad words.”

Teacher Donna Sheridan, explained: “We simply don’t feel the need to swear when we teach because we adore our jobs and the children so much.”