Knitted postbox toppers, and other signs your area's becoming terminally twee

WORRIED about crime in your area? Excessive whimsy is much more of a danger. Here are some warning signs to look out for:

Crocheted postbox toppers

Why do people feel the need to knit bonnets depicting cute scenes for the top of postboxes nowadays? Nobody asked for that. Is it a sign that humanity has evolved too far? Who knows, but it’s certainly clear that there are worryingly under-occupied old ladies in your area. They’ll be stealing your hubcaps next.

Community WhatsApp Groups

There’s nothing wrong with being nosy about your neighbours, that’s perfectly natural. What’s more sinister is when it’s dressed up as a ‘neighbourhood share and care’ in the group chat description. It’s not for sharing nor caring. It’s for subtly learning whose builders spilt paint on the curb, and gently menacing the guilty party until they get the pressure washer out.

Pavement chalks

Many residential streets are emblazoned with badly drawn shit done by kids whose parents should know better than to let them vandalise the pavement. Who cares that it washes off in the rain? Nobody wants to step out of their house at the beginning of a grumpy commute to work and be faced with childishly rendered rainbows and hearts every two metres. It’s annoying.

Breed meet ups

Any organised meet up in a park, other than the honourable tradition of dogging, should be discouraged. Group exercise classes are bad enough, but even more disgustingly wholesome is the latest fad for breed meet ups. Will seeing 30 sausage dogs running around together make you smile, or wonder if you’re losing your mind. Probably the latter.

Fairy doors

Ever wandered through your local woodland and come across a miniature door attached to a tree? This is a sure sign that your area has seen an influx of middle class people with more money than sense and too much time on their hands. It’s not right: the woods are for underage smoking and fly-tipping, not cutely whimsical things designed to make children believe in magic. Just tell the kids Santa’s not real and get on with it.


Do people stroll around where you live smiling at each other, or even calling out a cheery hello? You should be very worried. Aside from the fact that you might end up having to have a conversation with them at some stage, it means people are happy to be living there. Which in turn means your rent is about to go up. Frown as hard as you can at everybody to discourage a healthy, thriving community from forming.

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'Being fined for dangerously speeding on the motorway got your attention,' says triumphant Ed Davey

AFTER trying to make the electorate notice him with a series of entertaining japes, Sir Ed Davey has finally got the attention he craves by being fined for speeding.

The Lib Dem leader fell off a paddleboard and comically careered down a steep hill on a bicycle in a bid to centre himself in the election campaign, but getting in trouble for going 73mph in a 60 zone has got him the recognition he craves.

A Liberal Democrat insider said: “It’s tricky for Ed. Sunak and Starmer get loads of attention because they’re the main contenders, and Nigel Farage gets it because people love to hate him.

“But Ed just sort of bumbles about on the sidelines. Everyone knows he’s never going to be prime minster. But they also know he’s not going to get a milkshake chucked over him by an irate member of the public. So he has to do ever more bizarre things just to stay in the public eye. Bless him.”

Ed Davey said: “The paddleboard thing was a laugh, but driving dangerously on the motorway gives me a dangerous edge, like Vin Diesel in The Fast and the Furious, right?

“Oh, actually I just seem like a shit driver? Why do I always misjudge these things? Anyway, vote for me, even though you and I both know it will achieve nothing.”