Local dog named chairman of Neighbourhood Watch

A BORDER terrier has been chosen to head up a street’s Neighbourhood Watch committee.

Five-year-old Toby was chosen against his human rivals after running a ‘highly professional campaign’ and because nobody else wanted to do it.

Local resident Martin Bishop said: “I am pretty obsessive about monitoring the activities of hooded youths who come within eight feet of my car, but I can’t be arsed worrying about other people’s stuff

“Meanwhile, Toby is not only more organised and diligent, he’s excellent at chairing the meetings.”

Toby said: “I use a spreadsheet system combined with a serious of message alerts to ensure the street is always covered. When it comes to chairing meetings the key is to give everyone a say while displaying calm authority.

“But ultimately the big difference is that as a dog I have a genuine sense of community and shared responsibility, unlike these self-absorbed pricks.”