Mum receives handprint-based Mother’s Day card for seventh year running

A MOTHER-OF-TWO has received her seventh Mother’s Day card in a row based on the theme of  ‘handprints’. 

Emma Bradford was given the laminated card by her five year-old daughter and will feel obliged to file it with the cards she has been receiving since 2011 when her son was first attending nursery.

She said: “Handprints. Again.

“I get it when they’re nine months old and they can’t roll over on their own, but this is just lazy bullshit.

“It’s depressing imagining them all lined up, the teacher pressing the hand into the paint then slapping it on the paper like they’re suspects at a police station.

“I’ve already got their filthy handprints on the TV, up the walls, on the patio doors and on every other shiny surface in the house.

“But thanks to lamination, they’re preserved forever. Spiffing.”