Man annoyed girlfriend has beaten him at shagging

A MAN is in a mood because his girlfriend has managed to have substantially more sexual partners than him.

Nikki Hollis casually mentioned she had slept with 16 people compared with Tom Logan’s seven, despite him spending most of his single life trying to be promiscuous.

Logan said: “I don’t think Nikki’s a slut or anything, I just feel I should be the laddish one who’s shagged around. Over the years I’ve probably wasted 20 grand in clubs trying to get laid.

“In a way Nikki’s cheated by being a woman, because men will usually have sex with anyone, whereas women are more picky and therefore harder to pull.

“I’ve spent years pretending to enjoy myself in shitty clubs with rip-off drinks, and now it turns out my girlfriend could get shags easily. Next time we go out she can pay for the drinks. It’s only fair.

“Also I’m worried she’ll think I’m not in her league and dump me. That’s really heartless, chucking someone for being crap at pulling other women.”

Hollis said: “I’ve noticed Tom’s started behaving strangely when I’m talking to other men. Not jealous or possessive, more just disgruntled and bitter.

“I thought it would be fine for two adults to have a mature conversation about our sexual histories, but then I remembered Tom is a man.”