Man find himself in middle of life with no idea what he was looking for

A MIDDLE-AGED man has found himself standing in the centre of his life struggling to remember what he came in for.

Tom Logan has told anyone who would listen that he knows there was something he wanted but that his mind has gone completely blank on what it is.

He added: “Oh Christ, what was it? Honestly, there was definitely something I was after, but I got distracted getting here and now I haven’t got a bloody clue what it was.

“I’m looking around in the hope it’ll jog my memory, but all I can see are things that I’ve already got or that I got bored of ages ago.

“It’s a sign of getting older, I know it is, but I just cannot lay my hands on why I came in here in the first place. I’m starting to doubt I ever knew.”

Logan eventually had picked up a spatula, reasoning that in the long run it was as good as anything else.

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Old version of Facebook was 'like using a ZX Spectrum'

THE old version of Facebook was like something you might have played on a ZX Spectrum computer, it has been claimed.

Tom Logan told his 13 year-old nephew, Jack, that it was so basic it could hardly even be described as a social media site.

Logan said, “It was barely anything, but we were all wowed by it at the time. You couldn’t make video calls or express sadness or anger on someone’s status update.

“It was only ‘Likes’ back then. Imagine that.”

He added: “Also, you had to say what you were doing by using your name first, like ‘Tom Logan is watching The Wire’.

“And it was just your friends on it, not every single member of your family, everyone you went to school with and everyone you’ve ever worked with.

“Seems really weird now.”