Man quits job to give guided tours of his tattoos

A TATTOOED man has found the world so fascinated with his various tattoos that he is to make a living running tours of them. 

Martin Bishop, who has tattoos on 65 per cent of his body, says that strangers are so captivated by his ink they find it impossible to talk about anything else.

He continued: “I usually open the conversation when they stare at my neck tats, then I’ll end up talking them through the chest piece, the arms, the tribute to my granny I made out of that bitch Linda’s name.

“You’ve got culture with all the Bonds, you’ve got history with the various England crests, you’ve got geography with the tribals on my leg from when I was 16.

“Everyone’s always wide-eyed with enjoyment, so I’m jacking in the delivery van and I’m selling tickets. It’s good value. £20 for four hours.”

Friend Nikki Hollis said: “I only have one question. Why?”